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Big Tim47, Nothing like seeing two “ grown up” fully matured ladies going at it full pelt.. credit to both ladies, this was entertainment in the highest order!...comment on Flame v The Housewife download

Marco... bought the video Flame vs Housewife, a great fight. I like the contrast of the two fighters, muscle woman against big heavy woman!...... comment on Flame vs The Housewife

@michaelcap13   You know we got the best from those two!....Their heart during battle is off the charts!...comment on Chain Reaction

Amazingly fantastic clips, strong &skilled girls ...Zero69

 Unbelievable fierce action between 2 gorgeous Muscle Goddesses. If only they would put that intensity into a match against me I would be the most satisfied man in the world..... Client(James A Smith)comments on The Rematch video

Flame is a  must see for anyone seeking a session with a really strong, feminine bodybuilder. firstly I was overwhelmed by her beauty and strength. She loves to pose that gorgeous body of hers, showing off all those years of training. What a session!.....ROY,AYRSHIRE

@heidi_overkill_  '' easily my toughest match to date! comment from Heidi regarding The Final Conflict

 The club has a great venue in Glasgow, easy to find and close to Springburn Station. Inside is warm, comfortable and spacious and very much suited to the activities it hosts.......THE HAPPY HIGHLANDER

 Last Friday I purchased 2 videos, the first and the last of the series of matches between Flame and Heidi !!! I loved the videos, a lot of strength and beauty of both fighters .... Excellent !!!! ....@BiggyPapi

I have wrestled twice with FLAME. She is very MUSCULAR, strong and has a great personality.  She made me feel very comfortable and then led me to a series of lifts and caries. She has strong and huge muscles all over and is very well proportioned. She is professional and very discreet.......TOMMY,CROY

I have been doing sessins for many of years but I must say FLAME has some of the strongest legs I have ever experienced....IF YOU ARE INTO SCISSOR SESSIONS THEN SHE IS A MUST SEE!......SHUG, PETERBOROUGH 

What can I say abut Flame that hasn't been said before? I actually had quite a fitness advantage despite my size but Flame's strength is her...well, strength! I am no weakling but this incredible woman was just stronger than me all round. I did not get a single submission this time round whilst she crushed me over and over again. Her challenge to me at the end was that next time we meet, she has to get fitter and I need to get myself stronger. Flame, challenge accepted!.......The Happy Highlander 

I had my first wrestling session with FLAME yesterday and it certainly won't be my last.  She brings so much enthusiasm, energy and strength to a match.  She is a lot of fun as a person; but enjoys winning big style; highly recommended;'.......TOM,GLASGOW

This was yet again an incredible experience thanks to this awesome club in Glasgow. Thanks again flame, you really were fantastic ......BILLY,Newcastle

What a gorgeous big hunk of sexy woman, love watching her fights:) recent comment made regarding Flame's performances in 'Flame v Ruby' and 'Flame v Combat' videos....By, BT

I enjoyed a great session with COMBAT, she is VERY GOOD LOOKING and knows VARIOUS wrestling holds. She was very FRIENDLY, was not a clock watcher. COMBAT was into OUR SESSION FROM START TO FINISH... SHE is also very strong and has an UNBREAKABLE HEADLOCK.....MATT, HAMILTON

Heya! So I bought all your matches with the Irish Max Academy vs Amazon Force. Good job! So much fun to see one team vs another.......Hanz VanderKill,New York 

Rebel Rider was tough! She kicked my BACKSIDE but she was really nice and friendly also. she is a tough opponent on the mats but as nice a person as can be....SHAY, IRELAND

COMBAT - a beautiful, very strong ,sexy athlete - superb feminine muscular physique - lovely friendly personality. Awesome blend of power and gorgeousness.....Strength Dave,London

My session this time was with Flame. What can I She walked into the room and I was immediately struck with how muscular this girl is. Then we started wrestling...she is possibly the strongest person I have ever met, I simply had no chance against her while she totally controlled me. She was kind when she said I was strong, but still no match for her...Tom,Glasgow

From a buyer '' Intense is putting it lightly. These 2 Amazons were fighting for their lives. It is incredible that Heidi defeated Flame at her own game - power wrestling. Long live Heidi '' comment on The Final Conflict

Combat is a great girl. Good character and fun to be around. You can tell she quite enjoys a tussle which being a boxer, makes sense. A good tough session.....JESS,from Glasgow

From a buyer  " Well worth every penny, every second. A truly awesome Amazon clash! :) comment on The Final Conflict

As a bit of a Southern softie I wasn't sure whether a trip to Glasgow for a wrestling session with Rebel Rider was something I should try.  But I'm happy to say that my visit North of the border was well worth it....Mark,Fife

From SuperSport '' I love this matchup and all of its raw primal energy. How amazing it would be to face off with either of them! '' comment on The Final Conflict

FROM Obnoxious Fighter '' Awesome fight! Can’t praise the ladies enough. I hope it isn’t the final match between the two!!! '' comment on One Final Match

I've wrestled COMBAT SEVERAL times now and she is aggressive AND strong WITH INCREDIBLE STAMINA. COMBAT loves mixed wrestling and wants everyone to have fun BUT WATCH OUT...SHE CAN BE A DEMON ON THE MATS....Drew from the borders

Quite simply another incredible session in Glasgow. This club really has to be experienced to be able to even begin to understand just how beautiful these girls are..William, London

I had a session with Flame . She has the most amazing blue eyes but I wasn't there for her eyes!! I've never met a woman as strong as she is ( I'm 5-11 15 stone). She wrestled me to the floor and pinned me down .... I really really tried to get out of it. She held me down with strength to spare . I'm pretty good at armwrestling I beat easily 9 out of 10 men. Always have done . We armwrestled a few times she complimented me on how strong I was but she beat me . She is one powerful woman . Her arms shoulders back and quads are gasp inducing.  Highly highly recommended.   Kenny ( west county ) 

It was my first session with Flame and when first met, she was really friendly and chatty. I could see I was in for a challenge as she is very muscular. I really wasn't a match for her as she overpowered me. She kept trapping me in school girl pins and in particular well applied grapevines where it felt she was tearing me apart. Overall it was a great session and would recommend Flame very highly......Tony, Lothian

Shadow was very easy to deal with when arranging the session, answering emails very quickly and happy to adapt to suit my travel arrangements.  The studio is easy to get to via public transport and the facilities are great for wrestling.....Sam,Greenock

FROM @Big_Tim47 ''Flame’s outfit was.. Off the scale and left me feeling I was on fire  !!  

Overall I had a fantastic experience wrestling with Rebel Rider  and I'll definitely be back..........M, London

You don't really wrestle these girls, these girls manhandle you on the mats.....From @scottydawg316

From Catfight Dude '' This fight had everything, wrestling,tests of strength,brawling,catfighting ,needle between the 2 girls, pride at stake. Hell fucking yes, respect to both! comment on One Final Match

From Big Tim47 '' Fantastic, loved the grunts and groans as they fought hard from start to finish. Really primal...damn, this match was friggin incredible! ..comment on One Final Match

From a buyer '' She broke it and overcame it again and again...Flame also attempted to employ gouging tactics somewhat less successfully....comment on One Final Match

From a buyer '' Thanks for making these great matches happen...comment on The Final Conflict

From a buyer  '' I was surprised heidi was able to submit flame in such a punishing manner''  comment on The Final Conflict

From a buyer '' i bought the final conflict already.  Nice fight! ''

FLAME is stunning and I have never seen this much muscle on 160lbs! DESCRIBING HER AS Strong is an understatement,  I tapped over 10 times during our session And she is constantly smiling and taunting you. Top session ever. I give her 10/10......GARETH,RENFREW

Well it's taken me a while but here's my review for my Shadow session. What a woman! What a wrestler! She was a lot lighter but I was totally out muscled and out fought the whole hour. She has a look of enjoyment at my struggles and a fitness level to envy. Can't recommend highly enough folks, if you're looking for a tough session then get yourself to see Warrior next time she's around. You won't regret it.........David from Finland

"Flame has a wonderful personality, is strong, powerful and creative. I very much enjoyed my session with Flame and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a challenge. MALCOLM, London"

As well as plenty of wrestling Shadow  introduced me to several strength and grappling challenges which added some great variety and a real fun element.  Throw in a free sports massage as well and it all added up to a really enjoyable session....Joe,Troon

FROM @Andy_Mason1 ''I don’t agree with gouging and all that stuff in wrestling. That’s nOT wrestling, it’s catfighting!! If Heidi couldn’t break Flames bear hug then she shouldn’t be resorting to cheating tactics like that! '' comment on One Final Match

From Wrestle Pet: '' I was surprised by @heidi_overkill_ 's strength . She put muscular Flame on her knees. I felt shame as a Flame supporter to watch that...comment on One Final Match

I was lucky enough to be Enigma's first opponent. Within minutes of meeting her it was obvious she was a beautiful girl inside and out Enigma keeps herself in great shape and has taken to wrestling like a duck to water. She has a great appetite to learn and will be a force to be reckoned with in no time. I intend to have at least one more session with Enigma before I go back abroad and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.....Paul,Thailand


It should be, it was a great match, had a bit of everything in it! Well worth my investment:).......comment on Flame v Enigma 

From Big Papy'' Love it, great download. The combo of the technical ability, stamina and age difference were key factors in this fight:)'' comment on The Final Conflict

From Wrstler Lover '' If the this match had lasted an hour,they'd have still been at it with the same intensity! Amazon brawling at its finest!...comment on One Final Match

From @Deejay513 '' Nice!! I've purchased every match these 2 have had & they all have such intense action, always going back n forth. Flame & Heidi are evenly matched & Heidi seems to love roughing Flame up , which is rarely seen.  Wish I could see them go at it in person'' comment on the Flame v Heidi Overkill trilogy of matches

From a buyer '' You were awesome Heidi. What an achievement. Two super athletic Amazon women, one older muscle packed dark haired woman, one very strong athletic blonde. Made an awesome match up and great DL:) '' comment on The Final Conflict

BigTim47 '' That was a truly awesome fight. Huge kudos to both ladies, had no idea Combat is a boxer!....comment on Flame v Combat 2

From SoxFan2414  '' Love it, great download. The combo of the technical ability, stamina and age difference were key factors in this fight:)'' comment on The Final Conflict

It's the match of the year! ....comment from @speedomanLucha on Vengeance: Heidi Overkill vs White Steel 

Oh, I had to purchase Flame vs Housewife, GREAT match!! Seeing beautiful Flame in her sexy lingerie was a wonderful sight!! (And distracting lol )...........@Deejay513

'From a buyer '' The result...did not reflect the proceedings what so ever...was a great fight though it has to be said..comment on One Final Match

Today, I had a 1 hour session with Raven Jack.  Despite being new to the sport, she is extremely enthusiastic and competitive. She is great with her legs and had me trapped several times. She will only improve, so I would recommend a session before she gets too good. She kept a great pace for the entire hour and it was a good session all round......PJ,Glasgow 

I recently had the pleasure of having an Amazon Force session with the lovely Raven Jack. I had requested a fantasy type scenario and it was by far the best experience that I have had on the session scene. Enigma was a fantastic host and really made sure that I enjoyed the session. I got the impression that she really enjoys her job and although she beat me in every round, I was in no doubt that she had plenty more in her armoury should she have needed it. The venue was very well laid out, is easy to get to and is discreet. Martin from AF is a great facilitator and easy to communicate with. A great experience and one which I hope to repeat soon......DF

I truly love Raven Jack. She has mad wrestling skills,and she sports those black ankle socks. She can pin my face under them anytime.......Barry, Glasgow 

Rebel Rider gives an amazing session. Unbeatable boys......Happy Highlander

'' Rebel Rider, Heidi and Flame just look soooooooo strong. They'd easily handle the average man. That's why when I see any of them grappling each other it's genuinely scary power on show'' comment on our clips

Seen it! Very good!....comment from @highlandwrest on The Erotic Power Struggle Video

@sanimo100  what a great fight! I love to watch a strong Amazon fighting a strong female bodybuilder....comment on Chain Reaction

Session was excellent Flame! .Thoroughly enjoyed  and was great fun ..even tough I took a hammering. Ha! Look forward to seeing you again in a couple of months....T, Lanarkshire 

From a buyer,brillant DL, awesome fight... someone forgot to put their phone on silent! Well worth seeing and tremendous effort by both ladies:)...comment on Flame v The Housewife

From Justin Just wanted to say that Chain Reaction was awesome! Loved seeing two strong beautiful women fight like that. I can’t wait to see Flame vs the wife too!....comment on Chain Reaction

Met Amazon Flame for the first time today in Manchester for a lift and carry session. Session was really easy to arrange and she was easy to communicate with over email.
Session was amazing and Flame was really strong and impressed me with the ease of some of the lifts she did with me (I weigh 75kg). She was polite and wanted to get to know me a bit too, there was some arm wrestling too which I enjoyed and am definitely going to be booking again when she is next in town
.......client, Manchester

This was a great match!....comment from  @lionessesofiron on Vengeance: Heidi Overkill v White Steel 

Well I will say one thing, White Steel's debut really impressed me even if she lost the match. Heidi is awesome as always and this match is phenomenal.....comment on Vengeance: Heidi Overkill v White Steel 

I just want to say I had such an amazing time today with Raven Jack. I am glad I done it now, no regrets, I will definitely re book it was awesome....G from Glasgow

I've seen this match and omg it was intense They both are class and so strong I love them both The fighting Irish....comment from@alanwar81129728 on Vengeance: Heidi Overkill v White Steel

"It was amazing meeting Ashley yesterday for a 1 hour wrestling session. She was a strong girl, surprisingly strong for her size, so I was on my toes throughout and given a run for my money, even though I consider myself to be strong and skilled. She got me in a number of holds and grapples and it was obvious she knew her stuff. The hour flew by such was the fun we were having and I will always remember my wrestling session with her, it was ace, and hopefully I can do it again sometime." Alex,London

Mega video, seen so often ...! Great straker fight! great, thank you....comment from @Higgens69 on Raven Jack v Havoc video

Just viewed the RAVEN vs WHITE STEEL video and I really liked it.      Seeing two muscle type girls struggling away to win what looked like an unscripted fight was unusual for me to view and enjoy.    Loved the real grunting/groaning, panting , gasping etc as they struggled for top position.   BOTH ladies performed well,  SCOTLAND v IRELAND ... a great contest, Rob from England

One of my favourite ever sessions was with Combat. Always highly recommended....T Rex, Scotland

I’m honored to write a first review here about a session with Raven Jack
I had 2 sessions with Raven Jack, during which she was my sadistic personal trainer forcing me via hard workout. I don’t have enough words to tell how much I enjoyed those sessions. She is really dedicated to delivering exactly what you are expecting. Imagine, she comes to session with a list of exercises and required fitness equipment, she really thought about the session before and invested time into creating an amazing experience. As I requested she took me through a very hard workout and pushed me up to and over my limit. My muscles were in fire and I was sweating intensely. She used her beautiful body and powerful voice to motivate me to exercise even harder. We had a great connection over the whole session.On a separate note, she has a great body of a strong female fighter with defined muscled arms and beautiful abs. Her punches are powerful while her smile is making you melt.
Can’t wait to come back to Glasgow to see you again

I visited Glasgow recently to session Raven jack & Muscle Assassin. The basis of the sessions was strength challenge.Both girls proved to be particularly attractive, natural muscle girls demonstrating very impressive strength. Clearly spending much time in the gym they are in great shape. Lovely friendly personalities. Reliable and on-time.I can definitely recommend either/both for a session of this type.....GymDave,London

I decided I wanted to meet Flame for a light dom/fantasy wrestling session..WOW expectations were meet & then exceeded. 

Communications were excellent, the studio was light, airy & clean. 

Flame put me at ease with a little chat at the start about what I wanted from the session. 

I oiled her up and we had a little roll around on the mats….Flame is super strong and I suppose this took me by surprise  once between her thighs a man is Doomed!

The time flew by, a super friendly & fierce lady! 

As Arnie once said, I’ll be back!  Muscleluvver

I got the video and watched it omg what a epic powerful struggle between the two absolute sexy ladies I'm all flustered after watching it Imagine walking in and finding 2 sexy ladies fighting in the shower dream Nip slips and all.....comment from @alanwar81129758 on The Erotic Power Struggle Video

Hi Amazon Force,  just want to say I had a great session with Raven Jack She was so great!  I loved my first time at your studio and can’t wait to get back! Thank you again.....Chris, Edinburgh 

Finally purchased the clip, Wow it was really intense, comment on Bad feeling video by Alan @Alan1193273 

Alan @Alan1193273 I never enjoyed a video as much as this one not only hot and sexy but such an intense mercy test.....client's comments after  buying 'The Erotic Power Struggle' video

@tommybellart Wow!! As a proud owner of that clip I can say from multiple views, it’s incredible!! Absolutely amazing!! That’s a visual spectacle for the ages!! Great work!! Please share my message with your talents if you can. Really awesome and so well done by all!!...... comments on 'The Erotic Power Struggle clip

Easy to set up and in a safe place in a great location. I sessioned with The Warden, who is even more beautiful in person, but watch out because she will kick your ass, and you will love every minute of it!.......P, Baltimore

Tim @bluebottle1234   love mercy matches and your site is the best for them........satisfied customer

Well I’m a big guy 6’2 260lbs and I was up against the much smaller Raven Jack. She was really fun and smiley and genuinely enjoyed what she did. She over powered me with her speed and stamina choking me to submission multiple times. My size meant nothing as she was fitter and used her speed to gain the upper hand. I think I lost 12-0 in total and was wiped out. It’s been 4 days later and I’m still aching would highly recommend her for a session......session client  




Met Amazon Flame for the first time today in Manchester for a lift and carry session. Session was really easy to arrange and she was easy to communicate with over email.
Session was amazing and Flame was really strong and impressed me with the ease of some of the lifts she did with me (I weigh 75kg). She was polite and wanted to get to know me a bit too, there was some arm wrestling too which I enjoyed and am definitely going to be booking again when she is next in town

Loved my session! Great to finally feel the power of Heidi’s thighs! ....Death Raider from Glasgow

Good luck to anyone stepping onto the mat with @Heidi_Overkill_ she absolutely crushed me....David, Edinburgh

A fight in which it is relentless to the point.
Two strong women meet here, neither of whom wants to lose.The goal of both of them is to really finish off their opponent. So it's been a balanced match for a long time until... (let yourself be surprised).
comment ofrom Klaus on Amazon Flame vs Ruby Muscles video

Great session with Raven Jack. She was so great!  I loved my first time at your studio and can’t wait to get back! Thank you again.....Chris, Edinburgh 

Hi Amazon Force, please thank Amazon Flame for a brilliant session this morning in London. It was lovely to meet her and can't wait to book again when she is back down here....C, London

Had a great semi-comp session with Flame in Manchester. She is an absolute beauty and her physique is incredible! Overall a great female bodybuilder to have a session with......D, Manchester

Said it before and will say it again. Had my all time favourite session with Combat. Back and forth with a one fall victor. So much fun!

Highland Man @highlandwrest

Raven Jack was AWESOME and was so nice! Great personality! We had a good laugh too! Man is she strong! WOW!  Definitely want to session with her again! Loved it!.....S, Edinburgh  

Book a session with Ashley, you certainly won’t regret it! I’ve wrestled


twice and loved every single second! Your ribs will hurt but totally worth it! ....@DeathRaiderSTR from Glasgow

My pleasure!!! Thank YOU for such awesome matches with sexy muscular girls! @AMAZON_FLAME

and @RavenJackxxx are my 2 favs. Would love to meet and session with them one day....@Deejay0513

 I  will never forget the power of Heidi Overkill's thighs…...I’m so glad I never went competitive against her!  Alex Ryder


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